Winter Solstice

Michelle LaLumiere
2 min readDec 22, 2021


Finding light in the darkness

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash

The winter solstice is one of my favorite times figuratively and literally. In the Northeast of the United States, we do not see much snow until February. However, the cold can cut through coats like an ice chisel, deepening the ice’s cuts to fish. I’m not one to hate this time of the year, whether it is 10 degrees or even the random 60-degree day.

There’s nothing like sitting by a fireplace, drinking a hot coffee, and reading a book. That is my heaven. I try to remind myself how much I love these times in my life and find gratitude in these chance encounters with a fireplace.

On December 21st, we experience a shorter day than usual; this leads to some feeling stressed about what is to come. Coming home from work in the dark, the lack of daytime to enjoy the outdoors, the absence of sunlight, which means less vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin,” all of these can lead to depressive states. Some people may even develop SAD, seasonal affective disorder.

Sometimes, we need a shift in our consciousness of perceiving the situation at hand to see its good. These shifts are not always easy to accomplish. However, just a little change could be all you need. That’s where it all begins.

Use these longer nights to connect with yourself. Most people are always on the go during the summer without hardly stopping. Use the darkness to your advantage. Connect with your inner being. Find what makes you happy and hone in on that. Making plans for the warmer weather could be part of that.

Dig deep in this more quiet time. Find comfort in your inner truth that you drudge up that very well could have been hiding in the previous months.

Do not give up on the winter. There is beauty in all seasons. Winter is your quiet time, for long nights to give way to even longer times to seek your inner callings. Find the light in yourself during the dark of the days.



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